16 November 2009

Eastern Australia and more

Lots of fire activity reported across Australia today, as generally high temperatures continued to be4 observed across much of the country. This warmth was particularly pronounced in the interior regions of the country; temperatures were in the upper-30s and low-40s across wide areas, in some cases more than 10 degrees C above normal. The SA Riverland region set new records for heat in November.

The image shows a composite true colour image of Australia from two Aqua overpasses today. Widespread fire activity is noted in much of eastern Australia, particularly in QLD. Fire activity continues in the Barkly Tableland region of the NT as well.

Several blazes were reported as threatening homes in QLD and NSW, including near Gympie in QLD and also in the western suburbs of Sydney.

Other fires were reported near Orange in NSW, in the Great Sandy National Park near the Sunshine Coast in QLD and in the Pilbara region of WA.

In QLD, fires are also noted (on the image) in Carnarvon National Park (where they have been burning on and off since October...) and throughout the Cape York Peninsula. Fire bans are in effect through next week in much of the state, are may be extended beyond that date.

Conditions have slightly moderated in VIC and southern SA for a few days. The Cape Conlan blaze in VIC was contained today. However, the end of the week, particularly Thursday and Friday, are likely to be extreme in terms of fire danger in these most populous parts of the country.

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