06 October 2009

Eastern Australia 3

Just a quick update on the situation in the northern half of NSW and the east in general, last reported several days ago. In general, the situation is much calmer than previously noted.

Much of the coastal strip of NSW has seen moderate amounts of rain over the past 3 or 4 days, with several areas with over 25 mm (an inch) of precipitation in multiple locations (explore here). This has greatly reduced the amount of fire and the potential fire weather danger for at least the next several days (and likely the 10 days or more...). The easier conditions and rain have allowed the numerous fires which were burning to be brought under control.

Fire in SE QLD in particular have also been brought under control, although it didn;t rain as much there. This includes the Fraser Island blaze, which has been burning for several weeks. Nearly 20 000, about 12% of the World Heritage listed area has been exposed to wildfire, although fire can have a benefit to the local ecology. According to the regional manager of QLD Parks and Wildlife, the damage '...by and large doesn't look too bad'. The Carnarvon National Park fire is still apparent on MODIS imagery, but in an overal calmer state.

While the situation in the southern portion of QLD has calmed, the north is still facing some danger. Fire bans remain in effect for another week (until 12 Oct) across much of northern QLD. Fires remain burning in the high country inland from Townsville and Cairns (Atherton Tableland and points south).

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