23 September 2009

Southern QLD 3

Firefighters in QLD again today fought several fires, as dry, windy weather maintained high to very high fire dangers across the region. As of this this afternoon, the fires in populated regions of the state are under control or extinguished.

Significant fires were noted in Neurum, Imbil, Cedar Pocket. Moolboolaman, Dangore, Lowmead and Bambaroo. Many of these were ignited today, but some had been burning for a week. Some photos of the fires near Imbil fire are available here.

The image is the MODIS true colour image from the Terra satellite from around 1000 LT this morning. The most striking feature is the large dust storm stretching across most of the continent. This storm struck Canberra yesterday and pushed through Sydney around dawn this morning and Brisbane later in the afternoon. Some of the fires faced today are visible as hotspots in the image. Also visible are the fires in Carnarvon National Park, noted previously (centre of image) some fires north of Yeppoon which have been burning for some time now. Both of these blazes are in more remote country and pose little threat to lives or property at this time.

Fire dangers are expected to remain in the very high range for Thursday, particularly along the central coastal regions of the state.

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