17 September 2009

Southern QLD

Numerous fires are noted throughout southern QLD this evening. The image shows the true colour MODIS from the NASA Aqua satellite at about 1320 local time this afternoon. Detected hotspots are shown in red. Several impressive smoke plumes are apparent in the image.

The most impressive plume is marked with the 1. This fire is located about 20 km east of the town of Injune. Hotspots have been detected for about a day according to the NAFI website. In the high resolution 721 from the same time, you can see the open flame being detected in the image.

Several fires are also noted burning in or near Carnarvon National Park, marked with the 2. These have been burning for several days.

The smoke plume fire near the 3 is burning in Barakula State Forest. Some open flame is also visible from this one on the 721 image as well, though not as strongly as the other.

Other relatively isolated hotspots are noted throughout SE QLD.

All of these fires are burning in relatively remote areas, far away from human values. Fire weather conditions are currently noted to be in the moderate to high range and are forecast to remain so for the next few days. Conditions are forecast to be hot, but winds are likely to remain light through the weekend. No fire weather warnings have been issued to date.

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