09 December 2007

More on KI fires

The fires on Kangaroo Island have continued to burn throughout the day. Over 300 firefighters and numerous aircraft are at work on the blazes. Firefighters from interstate may be required to assist in putting out the fires. There are 4 large fire burning at this time.

Below is the clearest satellite image to date on the fires. AS usual, it was extracted from the imagery available at the NASA MODIS Rapid Response website. It was captured around noon local time on Saturday 8 December. Clouds were over much of the island during this morning's overpasses.

Here is the latest information on the fires, from Sunday's Country Fire Service update (issued 4 pm)...

The fires have been listed as the Solly Fire, Destrees Fire, Central Fire and Chase fire.

Solly Fire

Western River Conservation Park Has burnt an area of 2140 ha at 12:00 am Midday, the fire has mainly been burning in the Western River Wilderness area and Western River Road. There are a number of assets in the vicinity of this fire that have resources allocated for asset protection.

Vivonne Bay (Central)

Has burnt an area of 5600 ha and is now contained on all fronts. Firefighters are continuing to work in the area, mopping up and patrolling and will remain in the area until the 16th December.

Destrees Fire – Cape Gantheaume Wilderness Protection Area.

Has burnt an area of 9400 ha. Access to the south eastern parts of the park has been difficult. Crews are currently working on several hot spots and are undertaking back burning operations. The community of Destree’s is still at risk.

Flinders Chase Fire

Has burnt an area of 4100 ha. The fire is running in a north easterly direction parallel to West End Highway. It has also crossed West End Highway and is burning in the Conservation Park. Crews have been undertaking asset protection. Some back burning has been undertaken west along South Coast Road from Tandanya Wilderness Lodge. The plan is to conduct back burning operations along West End Highway and there are considerations for this to be done along Playford Highway.

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