14 August 2007

Northern NSW fires continue

From ABC News

Dozens of fires continue to burn throughout the New South Wales north coast region, but cooler overnight conditions allowed many volunteers to get some rest.

Fifteen blazes are still burning in the Clarence Valley, while other areas of concern include Tenterfield and Kyogle.

Incident controller Peter McKechnie, from the Rural Fire Service, says one blaze at Helmet Mountain, 10 kilometres north of Kyogle, is being allowed to burn at this stage.

Oddly enough, I still haven't seen any hotspots associated with these fires...Perhaps there is something with the terrain...or they are just small-ish fires?

Some of the fires near Tenterfield were large, with two reported around 3000 ha burnt each, and another near 2000 ha. Use of water-bombing helicopters in some instances.

Some health impacts reported from the smoke
Health authorities say smoke from bushfires is causing air pollution levels to rise on the New South Wales north coast, which is a problem for residents with respiratory problems.

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