11 August 2007

Australian Fire Activity: 30 Jul - 8 Aug 2007

The image below is the latest 10-day composite from of hotspot from NASA. Dates of the composite are 30July to 8 August 2007. A more detailed discussion follws the image

General Subjective Impressions & comparison to STLY (same time last year)

More active this year

  • cape york esp western

  • SE QLD esp on plains

  • N NSW

  • broome area

  • Pilbara

  • Kimberley (a little...)

Less active this year

  • cooktown to townsville

  • top end

  • NE VIC

other regions are the same and/or currently non-active

Large and/or Significant Fires – subjective...based on rough estimate of size in NAFI and/or media reports


77800 ha

Still active

FR burn?

ESE of Tennant Creek

41000 ha (?)

no recent hotspots

ENE of Tennant Creek

61200 ha

no recent hotspots

Dampier (?) Peninsula (Broome)

158 000 ha

going, going...

midway between Broome-Fitzroy Crossing

87300 ha

few new hotspots

West Kimberly

4 large fires, prob all related to the large fire noted last time

largest: ~90 000ha

some are active, largest one is most active.

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