02 August 2007

Australian Fire Activity: 20-29 July 2007

Here is the latest 10-day hotspot composite from thee MODIS satellite. The dates of the composite are 20-29 July 2007.

Compared to the last period, fires continue to be widespread across the Top End. There are perhaps less dense, more widely scattered patches of hotspots, suggesting a general 'lull' or decline in activity in the area. There are still large areas of fire, though.

There is an apparent increase in fire activity over the Cape York Peninsula, particularly in the western portions. The NAFI website suggests some large (~300 km2) regions of active fire.

The fire near Mt. Elizabeth in NW WA noted in the last report is quite visible on the composite map. Consulting NAFI, this fire looks to have burnt ~3800 km2. It is still producing a significant number of active hotspots at this time. See the accompanying image, from NAFI.

Also in WA, inland from Port Hedland in the Pilbara, there are some significant areas of fire. A couple of these were on the order of 1000 km2 burnt each.

SE QLD and N NSW continue to see widespread, isolated fires. These are likely fuel reduction burns or agricultural fires, although the fire incident noted a few days ago was the largest of the lot. It is apparently out now. Rough estimate:44 km2

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