24 July 2007

Australian Fire Activity: 10-19 July 2007

Here is the latest 10-day hotspot composite for Australia from the NASA MODIS satellite. The dates of the composite are from 10 to 19 July 2007.

Significant fire activity continues in the Top End of NT. Significant fire areas are also noted in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of WA.

Fire in the Cape York Peninsula are also seen at about the same level of activity as the last composite. Widespread fires are also noted in SE QLD and northern NSw. Many of the fires in the latter regions are likely prescribed fuel-reduction burns.

Overall, fire activity is continues to be lower than that observed over the same period last year.

Investigations have begun into the cause of two large bushfires which threatened property in the Northern Territory's Top End late last week.

Forty volunteer firefighters battled the blazes for three days around Acacia Hills and Batchelor.

The two fast-moving fires burnt an estimated 40 square kilometres of land.

A close-up of the hotspot maps also suggests a large active fire near Mt Elizabeth in WA. No information is available. No emergency warnings have been issued in WA

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