17 October 2009

Rockhampton QLD

Rockhampton QLD is facing a bushfire emergency tonight, as the fire conditions worsen for the blaze to the east of the city, in the Mt Archer area. Authorities are recommending evacuation for some the suburbs of the city, including Frenchville, Koongal and Lakes Creek. Several homes are believed to have been lost, as the fire burns erratically on a WNW course through the area.

The image is from the Aqua satellite overpass this afternoon, around 1345 LT. It is a close-up of the Rockhampton area, about 100 km across the image. The fires are quite close to Rockhampton (R). A large smoke plume is obvious, also impacting the city

Fire weather conditions remain in the very high range. The area is very dry, with little rain observed over the past several months. Afternoon relative humidities are around 10%, with moderate winds. Conditions are expected to be similar tomorrow. Fire bans remain in effect for much of QLD until at least 19 October. Extensions are likely.

At 2100 this evening, residents in some of the affected suburbs are able to return home. The situation remains dangerous and residents are advised to be prepared to enact their bushfire plans.

Pictures of the fire and the fire fighting effort are available in this photo gallery from The Morning Bulletin.

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