20 October 2009

Eastern QLD

Fire activity continues throughout QLD today, but conditions have moderated to some degree over recent days and firefighters are gaining the upper hand on the numerous blazes throughout the state. Conditions remain warm with moderate winds, but the higher humidity helps mitigate the fire danger.

The Mt Archer fire near Rockhampton has been contained. The approximately 100 homes that were under threat yesterday were successfully defended. The immediate threat has receded, but residents should stay alert. Fire authorities note that these fires will not be truly extinguished until it rains. Significant rain is not expected for the foreseeable future. The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin has a timeline of the recent activity in the region. Fire weather conditions do remain in the very high category in the area.

Another large fire, in excess of 30 000 ha is reported near Gaeta. This is about 200 km SSE of Rockhamtpon. Many crews from outside the area, including NSW, are being used to fight this fire. No 'property' is threatened at this time.

A brief news item also appeared today which described some of the impact that bushfires that don't threaten 'property' can have. Graziers in western central QLD reported over 50 000 ha burnt in lightning caused fires last week near Texas. Many prime grazing pastures have been lost in the area, impacting their operations. Just because suburban houses aren't destroyed doesn't mean that bushfires have no affect. All wildfire has some effect regardless of where it occurs, just not always on human values. Low-intensity fires can even have beneficial effects.

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