13 September 2009

Sunshine Coast

I noticed multiple hits as a result of searchs for 'sunshine coast bushfire' or some variant.

No media reports on bushfire from the area. I had a look on the NAFI site and noted a few hotsports in the area from the overnight MODIS passes. Using Google maps, the fires are/were apparently located in Mooloolah River National Park.

Weather conditions in the area don't look particularly conducive to runaway fires. Best guess would suggest that these are of no general threat and likely to be controlled/extinguished soon (if they aren't already).

If anyone has any other information, feel free to pass it on in the comments...


This is from the QLD RFS, the night of the 12th..
Queensland Fire and Rescue Service along with Queensland Parks and Wildlife officers will be conducting a large backburning operation in the Mooloolah National Park over the next few hours after a fire broke out in the national park earlier today.

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