19 November 2007

VIC, TAS bushfires: 19 Nov

As expected, fire activity was widespread throughout Victoria and Tasmania today. Maximum temperatures were above average across much of the region and fire danger ratings climbed into the very high to extreme range across much of the area, including northern SA, western VIC , southern NSW and Tasmania. Several media reports were made.

Seven fires are burning out of control across Victoria as temperatures soar into the high 30's.

As of this evening (19th), the two main fires listed yesterday remain uncontrolled. The DSE indicates that both have essentially doubled in size today, with the Little Desert fire now at 15 000 ha and the Lascelles-Wathe is at 4000 ha. The Prill Park-Euston fire just across the border in NSW is reported as 'Being Controlled”, with a size of 1500 ha being reported. A small bushfire was also reported in northern VIC, near Shepparton.

In Tasmania's south-west conservation area the Adamsfield walking track is being threatened by another bushfire.

Fire officers are blaming a lightning strike for the 340 hectare fire in button grass moorland, about 30 kilometres west of Maydena.

At Cradle Mountain, Parks and Wildlife crews are monitoring a blaze at Middlesex Plains on Cradle Mountain Road.

That fire has consumed 235 hectares but crews say there is no threat to life or property.

The South West fire and Cradle Mountain fire are listed as 'going' tonight on the Tasmania Fire Service website. Several others are listed, but they are contained or being patrolled. The image is from that site and shows the area burnt (500 ha) in the South West fire.

Fire weather conditions are expected to be very high to extreme across much of the regions tomorrow, as well, with temperatures in the 30s and gusty, northerly winds ahead of a frontal passage in the afternoon.

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