05 September 2007

Australian Fire Activity: 19 -28 August 2007

Below is the latest 10-day MODIS hotspot composite for Australia. Dates of the image are from 19-28 August 2007.

Fire activity at this time is still concentrated in northern Australia. Fires in the western Kimberley continue, in about the same amounts as discussed in the previous update. This includes the fires on the Dampier peninsula, as well as those in more northern parts of the region.

Fire activity in the Top End of NT is still widespread, and at about the same level of activity. During this period, the in central NT, near Tennant Creek discussed here are also readily visible.

Fire is the Pilbara are apparently greatly reduced in number.

Also during this time, an 'East Coast Low' formed off the coast of Queensland, bringing a massive amount of rain and floods to portions of SE QLD. (It is very rare for these to form in August at this latitude...the last occurrence was in the late 1800s...). This has effectively dampened many of the fires, at least temporarily. In the hardest hit regions, the fire season is effectively over. Much of the flooding was particularly strong near the coast. Further inland, the potential for fire still exists.

Around the rest of the country, fire activity remains very low at this time.

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